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Summer Recess

There will not be an Open House on July 23, 2024

The August 1, 2024 Listening Session for Potential Development has been Postponed Until September

Next Council Meeting will be August 27th, 2024

Pennsylvania American Water has begun shutting off water for delinquent sewage bills. Please contact Pennsylvania American Water at 1-800-565-7292 to discuss your delinquent sewage bill.



RESIDENCE: If you see a streetlight that needs repaired, removed or have a place that a new streetlight needs to be installed, please contact Mayor R. Scott Adams at 412-469-3857.

Council Meeting Agendas

Snow Removal Information

The City of Duquesne’s Department of Public Works (DPW) priorities snow and ice removal by the priority of the road. The method of clearing the roads varies greatly depending on the weather. For instance, in very cold temperatures salt is ineffective and it would be a waste of resources to spread salt. When it is actively snowing, plowing alone is the best method.

Our DPW operates two to three plow and salt trucks to clear the snow and ice. These trucks are limited by weight restrictions and carry enough salt for approximately one hour’s work before they must be reloaded.

Our priority of roads are as follows:

1. Main roads and the bus routes. Second Street, Grant Avenue, Kennedy Avenue, Crawford Avenue, and the streets that the busses travel.

2. Brick roads and hills.

3. Secondary residential roads.

4. Alleys.

State Route 837 (Duquesne Boulevard) and Commonwealth Avenue are maintained by Penn Dot.

While waiting on the roads to be cleared there are some things that you can do to help:

1. Equip your vehicle with winter tires made for driving in snow.

2. Only drive in the snow if necessary.

3. Park in a way that makes it easier for the plow trucks to get through.

4. Have patience, slow down, and leave early if you must travel in bad weather.


The City of Duquesne is posting information about the possibility of the community moving into a Home Rule Charter. The current council would like to hear feedback from the community on whether we should vote to add the selection of Home Rule Charter to the ballot in Novemeber during the general election. 

Click here to see the Home Rule Presentation that describes the process and criteria.